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T-L Commercial 2014

T-L Quick Tow Pivot Demo

Towable center pivot or linear move irrigation systems must be able to move quickly and easily from location to location when irrigation timing is critical. Rotating the wheels for towing can be a difficult task in a muddy field on a hot day.

T-L’s exclusive scissor jack design utilizes the availability of hydraulics to lift the towers enabling tire rotation in minutes. While others are struggling, you will be on your way to the new location irrigating more acres more efficiently.

T-L Irrigation: Sprinkler Design

T-L’s headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Hastings, Nebraska and offers the experience and product quality gained from over 55 years of pivot irrigation excellence. We are ready to assist in your irrigation planning, fulfill your pivot irrigation equipment needs, and provide a prompt estimate of costs based on your job specifications.

T-L Pivot Irrigation Systems are Built to Last

Innovation would not be enough if T-L products didn’t last. Truss rods are critical points on a pivot and if they aren’t built correctly could cause pivots to break. T-L utilizes extra large truss rods to provide extra strength and life to the pivot.

Armistead Farms: Irrigation in a Drought

Armistead Farms in Kentucky implemented Riverscreen filtering devices to help irrigate their fields with T-L pivots during a drought. Armistead switched to irrigating their fields in 2008 due to drought conditions but has continued to use T-L center pivots to have better control over crops during wet conditions.

Joel Armistead: T-L Irrigation Video Testimonial

Joel Armistead is from Adairville, Kentucky and has been using T-L pivots since the 2008 growing season. Using the T-L pivot irrigation system, Armistead was able to save $10 to $12 an acre on what it would cost to apply insecticide with a plane because he could apply it through the T-L pivot.