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 Center Pivot Sales and Design

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R&K Pivots experienced sales team will design an irrigation system to meet your specific needs at no cost.  We use the latest mapping technology to design a T-L center pivot system to irrigate the maximum acres possible.  By understanding your requirements, we are able to provide you with a complete itemized turnkey quote from your water source to the pump unit, to piping for the center pivot with pipe installation and pivot erection all done by R&K Pivot employees.

A T-L center pivot irrigation system will last for many years and the capability designed into the system is not easily or economically changed after installation is complete.  It is critical that the design is done right from the beginning.  Every component has to be properly designed and matched to end up with a reliable system with the capability required.  Any component within the system that is not properly sized or of poor quality will result in down time at critical periods, less than maximum return on investment, high maintenance cost, additional expense to correct the problem, etc.

Assuming an adequate water supply is available, the system capacity should be designed to supply enough GPM to crops during peak growth periods in order to get the desired results.  This water usage chart shows the peak water requirement of various crops during the growing season at different temperatures.

Water Usage Chart

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