Center Pivot Installation

R&K Pivots does not hire outside crews from hundreds of miles away to erect the T-L center pivots we design and sell.  No component of an irrigation system will function properly and dependably over time if it is not properly installed.  This is especially true of the center pivot.  There are thousands of bolts and hundreds of parts used to take a pivot loaded on one trailer and erect it over hundreds of feet across a field.  Our employees control all aspects of the project to assure our quality work is done on time.  You won’t have to worry about finger pointing or blame games because there are no sub contractors involved. R&K Pivots has invested in equipment to see that our employees have the tools and resources needed to get the job done right.  This includes 4 telehandlers, 3 skid steer loaders, 1 crane, 2 farm tractors, along with a fleet of 22 trucks and 10 trailers. This design shows a project installed for Stults Farms in Loretto, TN with 4 diesel pump units, 33,000 ft of PVC pipe, and 8 pivots covering 785 acres.


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