Stults Farms

Stults Farms

R&K Pivots understands that an efficient properly designed and installed irrigation system must include the correct size and pressure rated PVC pipe along with the proper fittings, air vents, pressure reliefs, valves, etc.

We have the knowledge, experience, manpower, and equipment to connect the pumping system with the center pivot(s). After installation this part of a complete irrigation system is virtually beyond change. It is imperative that the correct pipe size and pressure rating is selected in order to allow the correct amount of water to be delivered with sufficient PSI to the end of the center pivot.

R&K Pivots annually installs 60-70,000 FT of PVC in sizes from 6 in to 18 in, with pressure ratings from 80 PSI to 200 PSI. We fabricate all of the above ground aluminum fittings and use a combination of PVC and galvanized steel fittings underground. We understand the importance of calculating friction loss, suction lift, elevation, acceptable velocity, and when and where to place air vents and pressure reliefs.

R&K Pivots designed and installed this project for Stults Farms in Loretto, TN. The main pump is a 6HK1X 233 HP Isuzu engine with a Cornell 8H pump. It pumps water 3,150 ft through an 18 in PVC pipeline to a booster pump which is 120 ft of elevation up from the main pump. This unit has the capacity of 3,700GPM @ 80 PSI.

ISUZU CORNELL PUMP UNIT (1)6HK1X Izuzu Engine with a Cornell 8H pump

The second pump in line is a 6UZ1X 300HP Isuzu engine with a 8H Cornell pump. This unit boosts the 3,700GPM from the main pump through another 4000 ft of the 18 in pipeline and up another 205 ft of elevation where the topography levels out and starts falling as the pipeline continues downgrade. At this point the PVC line drops down to 15 in. At each one of the two large full circle pivots we placed another 4HK1X/6RB unit to boost the pressure again. Each of the units also has a belt drive hydraulic pump to power the T-L hydraulic pivots.

The system is designed to run 5 pivots covering 562 acres with 3669GPM and another 7 pivots covering 439 acres of a different crop with 2858GPM.

Water is being pumped through 18in, 15in, 12in, 10in, 8in, & 6in PVC pipe a total of 3.5 miles from water source to the end of the last pivot and up elevation a total of 325 ft!

R&K Pivots designed and installed this system in house with no outside engineering firm or sub-contractors. Few, if any, other irrigation dealers have the knowledge, experience, or capability to do a project this complex.

Stults PVC pipe installed

Stults Farm #1