Stults Farms

In 2013 R&K Pivots designed and installed 3 pivots on one farm and one pivot on another farm for Stults Farms in Loretto, TN.  In 2014 we installed 8 pivots on another farm with plans to expand in the future by installing two 18in PVC pipelines side by side. In 2015 we added 4 additional pivots to that same system. In 2016 we added two more pivots which are not connected to the 18in line

but have their own pumps & piping.STULTS 2016

For 2016 there are a total of 8 pumps, 48,900ft of PVC & 18 pivots irrigating a total of 1484 acres

The pump located at the water source is a 6HK1X 233 HP Isuzu engine with a Cornell 8H pump.  This pump unit (and one 18in pipeline) has a maximum capacity of 4300GPM @ 75PSI. During the 2015 season this pump is pulling 3300GPM from the water source and sending it up an elevation rise of 120ft and 2,800ft away through one of the 18in PVC pipelines to a 2nd booster pump. There is 20PSI (of the 75PSI) left to go into the inlet of the booster pump.

The 2nd pump unit in line is a 6UZ1X Isuzu 300HP engine with an 8H Cornell pump.  In 2015 this unit boosts the 3300GPM @ 20PSI from the main pump by another 85PSI which sends the water through another 4000ft of the 18in pipeline and up an additional 205ft of elevation where the topography levels out and starts falling as the pipeline continues downgrade.  At this point the PVC line drops down to 15in.

At each one of the two large full circle pivots we placed an Isuzu 4HK1X 145HP with a Cornell 6RB to boost the pressure to the pivot where each is located as well as other pivots downstream.  Each of these units also has a 3PH generator used to power the electric hydraulic pumps to power the T-L hydraulic pivots. We placed a Cornell 4RB 40HP electric booster pump at the half circle pivot point north of the two large full circle pivots to boost the pressure to 3 pivots north of the highway.

The system was designed to irrigate all the green colored pivots at one time and then all the blue colored pivots together since that is the normal crop rotation. There are 496 acres (colored in blue) being irrigated together at one time and 505 acres (colored in green) being watered at a different time with different crops.  The system capability is application of .3” of water per acre per day. Water is being pumped through 18in, 15in, 12in, 10in, 8in, and 6in PVC pipe. The total distance from water source to the end of the farthest pivot is 3.5 miles. The total elevation from the water source to the highest point is 325ft!  R&K Pivots designed and installed this system in house with no outside engineering firm or sub-contractors with the exception of a local contractor boring under a railroad track.  Very few irrigation dealers have the experience and capability to do a project this complex in house.